King Solomon's Mines Analysis


The story of King Solomon's Mines takes place in the mid-nineteenth century, a period roughly contemporary with Haggard's own...

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King Solomon's Mines Literary Qualities

The book's immense success was the result of Haggard's ability to present such fantastic adventures in a gritty, realistic narrative. Using a...

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King Solomon's Mines Social Sensitivity

King Solomon's Mines clearly expresses certain racial prejudices that were dominant attitudes in Haggard's own time. The fact that,...

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King Solomon's Mines Topics for Discussion

1. Why does Haggard entitle his book King Solomon's Mines? What do the mines signify to Allan Quatermain, Sir Henry Curtis, and Captain Good?...

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King Solomon's Mines Ideas for Reports and Papers

1. Which character, from a movie or another story, reminds you of one of the major characters in King Solomon's Mines? Explain your...

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King Solomon's Mines Related Titles / Adaptations

King Solomon's Mines and She continue to be Haggard's most popular works. Though King Solomon's Mines was published...

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King Solomon's Mines For Further Reference

Barker, Ernest. History of the English Novel London: Witherby, 1938. This work provides a general, if somewhat dated, account of...

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King Solomon's Mines Bibliography (Great Characters in Literature)

Butts, Dennis. Introduction and notes to King Solomon’s Mines, by H. Rider Haggard. New York: Oxford University Press, 1989. Butts’s introduction to the historical background and literary reception of the novel is concise and informative. Notes the novel’s familiar structure as a folktale. Bibliography.

Cohen, Morton. Rider Haggard: His Life and Works. London: Hutchinson University Library, 1960. Scrupulously documented and judiciously restrained in its appreciation of Haggard as a writer. Provides rich historical context for the composition of King Solomon’s Mines.

Higgins, D. S. Rider...

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