Jude the Obscure Characters

List of Characters

Jude Fawley—The title character. He begins life as a poor ward in a quiet village and becomes a stonecutter. He dreams of being an educated man and falls in love with his cousin, Sue Bridehead.

Richard Phillotson—Schoolmaster who is Jude’s early mentor. He marries Sue Bridehead. He nurtures his own dreams of social and intellectual advancement.

Blacksmith and Farm Bailiff—Villagers who help Phillotson move.

Drusilla Fawley—Jude’s great-aunt; she raises him after his parents die. She is coarse and ignorant.

Farmer Troutham—The farmer who catches Jude encouraging birds to eat his grain.

Villagers—People to whom the Fawley’s familys history is told.

Carter—A workman who meets Jude on the road.

Two Workmen—Help Jude climb on the roof of a barn to see Christminster.

Physician Vilbert—The quack doctor who promises and fails to deliver Greek and Latin texts to Jude.

Arabella Donn—The pig-keeper’s daughter. An ambitious, coarse, materialistic, deceitful woman. Jude’s wife.
Mr. Donn & Mrs. Donn—Arabella’s parents, pig-keepers. Jude and Arabella live with them after they are married the second time.

Anny and Sarah—Young women; Arabella’s friends and confidantes.

Challow—The pig killer who arrives late, forcing Jude and Arabella to kill the pig.

Sue Bridehead—Jude’s cousin, true love, and soul-mate. Impulsive, idealistic, intellectual, school-teacher. She marries Phillotson.

Mrs. Edlin—Friend of Jude’s aunt.

Vendor—Marketer of religious icons. He sells pagan statues to Sue.

Miss Fontover—Sue’s employer and first landlady in Christminster. She breaks Sue’s statues.

Mrs. Hawes—Sue’s second landlady in Christminster. Chaperones Phillotson’s...

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Jude the Obscure Characters Discussed (Great Characters in Literature)

Jude Fawley

Jude Fawley, a village stonemason who is thwarted in every attempt to find success and happiness. His chief desire from the time of his youth is to become a religious scholar, but because of his sensuous temperament he is forced into an early marriage. After his first wife leaves him, he falls in love with his cousin and lives with her illegally for several years. The weight of social disapproval forces them downhill. After the tragic death of their children, his cousin leaves him also, and Jude, having turned to drink, dies a miserable death.

Arabella Donn

Arabella Donn, a country girl who tricks Jude into his first marriage. She has nothing in common with Jude and soon leaves him to go to Australia. She later returns but makes no immediate demands on him, preferring to marry another and advance her station in life. After the death of her second husband and the separation of Jude and his cousin, she tricks him into marrying her a second time. Instead of helping to brighten the last days of his life, she increases his misery and is planning her next marriage even before his death.

Sue Bridehead

Sue Bridehead, Jude’s cousin. Although priding herself on being a free thinker, she marries a much older man out of a sense of obligation and leaves him shortly afterward because of her revulsion toward him. She lives with Jude for several years and bears him three children. She is a...

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Jude the Obscure Characters

The characters in Jude the Obscure are for the most part fully realized and effectively developed. Some, like Jude's aunt Drusilla and...

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