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Gods and Goddesses Appearing in The Iliad

Note: This list is alphabetized with Roman names first in order to match the Touchstone Edition of The Iliad. For Greek and Roman names that are the same, no Greek name is given.

Apollo – god of the sun, music, healing, and light

Bacchus [Greek: Dionysus] – god of wine

Boreas – god of the north wind

Ceres [Greek: Demeter] – goddess of the harvest

Dawn [Greek: Eos] – goddess of the dawn

Diana [Greek: Artemis] – goddess of the moon and hunting; protector of women

Eilithuiae – goddesses of childbirth

Hades [also Pluto] – god of the underworld

Hebe – goddess of youth

Hymen [Greek: Hymenaeus] – god of wedding ceremonies and marriage

Hyperion – god of light

Iapetus – the Titan who fathered Prometheus and Atlas; considered a father and protector of humankind

Iris – goddess of the rainbow and a messenger for the gods

Jove [Greek: Zeus] – king of the gods; god of light and the sky

Juno [Greek: Hera] – queen of the gods; goddess of marriage and childbirth

Mars [Greek: Ares] – god of war

Mercury [Greek: Hermes] – messenger of the gods; god of wealth, luck, and travelers

Minerva [Greek: Athena] – goddess of wisdom, justice, art, invention, and industry

Neptune [Greek: Poseidon] – god of the sea

Night [Greek: Nyx] – goddess of the night

Oceanus – god of the outer sea (the sea surrounding the earth)

Proserpine [Greek: Persephone] – queen of the underworld

Rhaea – mother of the Olympian gods and goddesses

Saturn [Greek: Kronos] – father of the Olympians and ruler of the universe before Jove's reign began

Tethys – goddess of the sea

Themis – goddess of law, justice, and order

Venus [Greek: Aphrodite] – goddess of love

Vulcan [Greek: Hephaestus] – god of fire and metalworking

Zephyrus – god of the west wind