Honoré de Balzac Essay - Honoré de Balzac World Literature Analysis

Honoré de Balzac World Literature Analysis

The fullest expression of Balzac’s vision is The Human Comedy. Although it comprises more than ninety novels and stories, it was never completed. Enough is in place, however, to allow one to grasp the outer limits and inner workings of a complete universe. As Napoleon I set out to conquer Europe—a parallel of which Balzac was well aware—Balzac set out to conquer the world that he envisioned by capturing it in words. Province by province and realm by realm, Balzac added to his universe of human types, occupations, and conditions.

The idea of using recurring characters—coming to the foreground in some works, receding to the background in others, thus creating an effect of multidimensional reality—came...

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