Far Away and Long Ago Analysis

Critique (Critical Survey of Literature, Revised Edition)

William Henry Hudson wrote his autobiography while in bed during a six-weeks’ illness. On the second day of his illness, beginning to have a clear and vivid vision of his childhood, he decided to write out the picture. The vision stayed with him, and, between bouts of fever and sleep, he continued to record the impressions he had of his early life on the pampas of Argentina. The result was aptly named FAR AWAY AND LONG AGO, for he was an old man writing of his life between the years of three and sixteen. This book, revealing Hudson as a naturalist, a poet, and a mystic, is written in the beautiful and limpid prose of which he was a master.

Far Away and Long Ago Setting

Except for two brief excursions to Buenos Aires, the setting is the expanse of the gently rolling Argentine pampas during the mid-nineteenth...

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Far Away and Long Ago Literary Qualities

As an autobiography, Far Away and Long Ago, like Winston Churchill's My Early Life, is limited to the author's youth. Hudson...

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Far Away and Long Ago Social Sensitivity

Hudson's theme of death, a major motif of the autobiography, may at times trouble readers because the descriptions include violence,...

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Far Away and Long Ago Topics for Discussion

1. Violence, cruelty, and killing are viewed with disapproval in Hudson's work, yet some forms of killing animals are accepted. Discuss the...

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Far Away and Long Ago Ideas for Reports and Papers

1. Compare Hudson's animism with the attitudes toward nature in Thomas Traherne's "Shadows in the Water" or Henry Vaughan's "The Retreat."...

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Far Away and Long Ago Related Titles / Adaptations

Those who find Hudson's autobiography appealing will likely enjoy his two best known novels. The Purple Land shares the South American...

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Far Away and Long Ago For Further Reference

Frederick, John T. W. H. Hudson. New York: Twayne, 1971. A balanced scholarly introduction to the entire range of the author's works....

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