The Children's Hour Analysis

Historical Context

At the time that Hellman wrote The Children's Hour, in 1934, the United States was still mired in the economic doldrums of the Great...

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The Children's Hour Literary Style

The Children's Hour employs two settings. The first, used in the opening and final acts, is the living and study...

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The Children's Hour Compare and Contrast

1930s: The Great Depression brings great suffering to America, with attempts to blunt the hardship with the ''New Deal" policies of...

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The Children's Hour Topics for Further Study

Research the fate of The Children's Hour in major cities, including Boston, Chicago, and London, where, in the 1930s, community...

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The Children's Hour Media Adaptations

The Children's Hour was first adapted to film in 1936, released under the title These Three. It was produced by United Artists...

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The Children's Hour What Do I Read Next?

The Bad Seed, Maxwell Anderson's 1955 stage adaptation of a novel by William Marsh, is a psychological study of a child murderess...

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The Children's Hour Bibliography (Masterpieces of American Literature)

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The Children's Hour Bibliography and Further Reading

Atkinson, Brooks. Review of The Children's Hour in the New York Times, December 19,1952, p. 35.


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