Angela's Ashes Analysis

Historical Context

Memoir Genre
The 1990s witnessed a huge growth in the number of personal memoirs, and the genre itself underwent significant...

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Angela's Ashes Literary Style

Angela's Ashes is narrated in the first person, and apart from the first part of chapter one, it is told in the...

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Angela's Ashes Compare and Contrast

1930s: Limerick, Ireland, is economically depressed, with pockets of extreme poverty. Unemployment is high.


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Angela's Ashes Topics for Further Study

Research the history of Ireland's relations with England. Why do some Irish feel such bitterness toward their larger neighbor? Why has the...

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Angela's Ashes Media Adaptations

Angela's Ashes has been recorded on audiotape, read by McCourt, in abridged (1996) and unabridged (1997) versions published by Simon...

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Angela's Ashes What Do I Read Next?

'Tis: A Memoir (1999) is McCourt's sequel to Angela's Ashes. It takes up McCourt's life story from his arrival in America in...

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Angela's Ashes Bibliography and Further Reading

Ascheron, Neal, ‘‘Ceremony of Innocence,’’ in New York Review of Books, Vol. XLIV, No. 12, July 17, 1997,...

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Angela's Ashes Bibliography (Masterpieces of American Literature)

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