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parody of Atlas ShruggedFYI, teachers: Anyone teaching (or reading) Atlas Shrugged may...

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parody of Atlas Shrugged

FYI, teachers: Anyone teaching (or reading) Atlas Shrugged may want to know about its definitive parody, found here:


Teachers (and students) familiar with the original will find the parody to be an astute critique of the original's style, themes, values, preoccupations, and philosophy.  Oh, and it's hilarious, too--unlike the original, in which, for over a thousand pages and 643,000 words, there is not a single bit of amusement or even one character, among dozens, with a decent sense of humor.



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There's another parody of Atlas Shrugged that just came out, Atlas Snubbed.   It's humor is less heavy-handed, and the critique much sharper.  You can read the first 42 pages free via the website, www.AtlasSnubbed.com.  

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