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What should I do if I suspect a student plagiarized an essay? A student recently handed...

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What should I do if I suspect a student plagiarized an essay?

A student recently handed me an essay which I suspect is plagiarized. It just seems a bit advanced for him. He writes about the "concept of unwanted love" represented by Theseus and Hippolyta, "forbidden love" represented by the four lovers, and "jealous love" represented by Oberon and Titania.

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One option is to type the words into a search engine and see where they come up.  Then ask the student if he or she used help to write it.  Some kids really do not thinking there is anything wrong with copy and paste.

You can also subscribe to a plagiarism detecting service.  Some of these have other features as well that help students check their own work, collaborate, proofread, and revise.  It can be pricy, but propose it to your principal or see if anyone in your school or district is using it.



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Maybe your student doesn't understand the whole plagiarism concept. I would try talking to them to get a sense of their understanding and then maybe setting them straight so that it doesn't happen again. If your student is just being difficult and you know that--I would still discipline them in some way. If they continue to do this sort of thing it will set them back when they are off to college.

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Have ye not yet realized, nor considered that Shakespear was brilliant? Certainly he realize that pharomones exhist. Could he been a bit smitten enough and chose to extoll his unrequeited love through a play that might linger on the mind of his temptress? To me this is the best diamond in the world. Who knew? Go figure! Are we all not fools in love at some time? Does not our true emotion evolve from lusty desire?  All love is forbidden when you're young and in love!

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