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Using a world music approach, what does it mean to focus on a music elements approach...

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Using a world music approach, what does it mean to focus on a music elements approach when comparing the music practices and processes of two cultures?

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A world music approach teaches the music of different time periods and genres, of classical and other styles, as a dynamic process that effects every aspect of society and culture within different world communities. To compare the music practices and processes of two or more cultures, you will analyze and find the similarities of and differences between the cultures' music. You find how music is manifest in society and culture. You will find how the different paractices and processes create differences in sound and rhythm, in physical and emotional effects.

You will identify the different dynamic factors of how music interacts with and changes the cultures being compared. You'll ask such questions as: Does music enter the individuals' lives at the same age and in the same forms and ways? Does music play a similar or a different cultural role? You may wish to note how these elements of the dynamic of music relate to the music practices, processes, and dynamic within your own culture.

A music elements approach discards the classical Western European fundamentals of music in favor of breaking music skills acquisition into the component parts of music: beat, no-beat rests, rhythm, melodies, notes, chords, intervals, keys and other component parts. An elements approach allows for immediate immersion into music production in contrast to the fundamental approach that emphasizes technique acquisition over song acquisition and music production. In a comparison of the music of different cultures, you would compare the elements of music for each culture. You'll ask such questions as: Do the cultures have the same or different chords and chord progression? Do they have the same intervals?  


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