As You Like It Overview Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

As You Like It Overview Quiz

What do you recall about Jaques, the pessimist, or Rosalind, the ever-positive heroine of this comedic romp? Take this overview quiz from eNotes about William Shakespeare's As You Like It to be sure you remember the numerous plot twists for the play's couples as they pursue happily-ever-after!

  • Question 1

    What happens that greatly upsets Jacques?

  • Question 2

    Why do the Duke and his followers assemble in the forest?

  • Question 3

    Oliver inherits the majority of his father’s estate because:

  • Question 4

    What does Touchstone say he will do to William if he doesn't give up Audrey?

  • Question 5

    Where do Rosalind and Celia plan to meet up with Rosalind's father?

  • Question 6

    Where do Rosalind and Orlando meet?

  • Question 7

    How long does Duke Frederick give Oliver to find and bring in Orlando, dead or alive?

  • Question 8

    What does Rosalind give Orlando after his victory?

  • Question 9

    Oliver falls in love with

  • Question 10

    Who does Orlando save from the lioness attack?

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