William Carlos Williams Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

William Carlos Williams Quiz

Generations of students have pondered the meaning of a red wheelbarrow beside some white chickens. What do you know about the man who penned that famous poem and many others? Find out by taking the William Carlos Williams quiz from eNotes. 

  • Question 1

    As well as a writer, Williams was also a practicing ___________.

  • Question 2

    Which famous writer helped Williams get his second collection of poems published?

  • Question 3

    Williams was the first recipient of which award?

  • Question 4

    Where did Williams earn his medical degree?

  • Question 5

    True or False: Williams only wrote poetry

  • Question 6

    What was the name of the New York writers' group with whom Williams became associated?

  • Question 7

    Where was Williams' mother from?

  • Question 8

    Which publication did Williams feel set him back twenty years?

  • Question 9

    Which of the "Beat" poets did Williams mentor?

  • Question 10

    True or False: Williams was awarded a Pulitzer Prize posthumously

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