Romeo and Juliet Overview Quiz

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  • Question 1

    Friar Laurence's area of expertise is:

  • Question 2

    Why is Tybalt so angry with Romeo?

  • Question 3

    Why does Romeo want to go to the Capulet ball?

  • Question 4

    Why does the Prince exile Romeo?

  • Question 5

    To what does Romeo compare Juliet in the balcony scene?

  • Question 6

    How does the Chorus describe the relationship between Romeo and Juliet?

  • Question 7

    Who does Juliet's father demand she marry?

  • Question 8

    Which of the following does Romeo NOT compare to Juliet's beauty?

  • Question 9

    Why does Juliet object to Romeo swearing his love for her to the moon?

  • Question 10

    What is the primary setting of the play?

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