The Merchant of Venice Overview Quiz

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  • Question 1

    Why does Bassanio want to borrow even more money from Antonio?

  • Question 2

    When he chooses the wrong casket, this character also loses the chance to marry Jessica:

  • Question 3

    Shylock initially says his demand for a “pound of flesh” was meant as:

  • Question 4

    Lorenzo’s plan for Jessica’s escape is that she will disguise herself as:

  • Question 5

    The lawyer called “Balthasar” is actually who in disguise?

  • Question 6

    Why can't Antonio directly give Bassanio the money he asks for?

  • Question 7

    For what does Jessica trade Shylock's ring?

  • Question 8

    When he hears his sentence, Shylock says:

  • Question 9

    What difference between them does the Prince of Morocco ask Portia to disregard?

  • Question 10

    How does Antonio get the money he needs?

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