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  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Chapter 10

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Chapter 10 by gaharris

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione explore Grimmauld Place in chapter 10 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Take this eNotes chapter quiz to find out how much you can recall about the mystery of R.A.B., Kreacher the house elf, the Horcrux locket, and more.

  • Earthquakes

    Earthquakes by gsenviro

    Some facts about earthquakes

  • Frindle

    Frindle by bohemianteacher4u

    Nick is a precocious young man who sparks an event that will help to reshape his mischievous nature. The questions below are based on the book Frindle and can help you prepare for additional tests.

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel Chapter 3

    The Scarlet Pimpernel Chapter 3 by teachsuccess

    In "The Refugees,"  we are finally introduced to the De Tournay family, the Comtesse and her two children, Suzanne and the young Vicomte. The Comtesse's husband, the Monsieur Le Comte de Tournay, is still in France. We are led to understand that it is by the skill and guidance of the Scarlet Pimpernel and his league that the de Tournay family are now in England. They partake of refreshment at "The Fisherman's Rest."

  • William Faulkner

    William Faulkner by Jamie Wheeler

    How much do you know about the author of As I Lay Dying? Take the William Faulkner quiz from eNotes to find out! Contains ten questions on this American postmodern novelist.

  • Go Set a Watchman Overview

    Go Set a Watchman Overview by litgeek2015

    The much anticipated second novel of author Harper Lee takes place twenty years after the trial of Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird. Dealing with racial tensions and a changing South, the novel pits Jean Louise Finch against everyone she has ever known. Take this quiz to see how much you know about Go Set a Watchman.

  • Emily Dickinson

    Emily Dickinson by Jamie Wheeler

    How much do you know about this famous reclusive poet? Take the Emily Dickinson quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the life and works of this American literary great.

  • Harry Potter Horcruxes

    Harry Potter Horcruxes by annahillman

    How much horcrux know-how do you posses? Take the quiz and find out! 

  • Interpreting symbolism in

    Interpreting symbolism in "Advice to My Son," by J. Peter Meinke by beateach

    This quiz focuses on interpreting the symbolism in J. Peter Meinke's poem "Advice to My Son."

  • Hands Overview

    Hands Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    ...Did he or didn't he? Show us that you know the subtle ins and outs of Sherwood Anderson's sublime short story by taking the "Hands" Overview Quiz! Contains five questions about the story's main character, Wing Biddlebaum.

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