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  • Good Country People Overview
    Good Country People Overview by enotes

    eNotes' "Good Country People" Overview Quiz covers important questions from Flannery O'Connor's short story, including what happens to Joy, and the question of Manley Pointer's background. Test your knowledge of this famous work below.

  • Hamlet Overview
    Hamlet Overview by enotes

    To quiz, or not to quiz? To quiz, of course! Test your knowledge of Shakespeare's famous play with eNotes' Hamlet Overview Quiz, covering major and minor plot points, characters, and other details from the work.

  • The Merchant of Venice Overview
    The Merchant of Venice Overview by enotes

    What are the consequences of demanding "a pound of flesh"? What happens in the complicated casket scene? Discover the answers to these questions and more with eNotes' The Merchant of Venice Overview Quiz!

  • The Minister's Black Veil Overview
    The Minister's Black Veil Overview by enotes

    Test your knowledge of Nathaniel Hawthorne's gothic short story with eNotes' "The Minister's Black Veil" Overview Quiz, with questions on the subject of Rev. Hooper's sermons and his parishioners' reactions to the black veil.

  • Macbeth Overview
    Macbeth Overview by enotes

    eNotes' Macbeth Overview Quiz covers important plot points and character developments to help you in your studies, including the banquet scene, Macbeth's greatest fears, and the subject of Lady Macbeth's hallucinations. Take the quiz to test your knowledge of Shakespeare's most haunting play.

  • A Worn Path Overview
    A Worn Path Overview by enotes

    Follow Phoenix Jackson on her journey with eNotes' "A Worn Path" Overview Quiz, covering questions on her important task and the obstacles found along her way.

  • Romeo and Juliet Overview
    Romeo and Juliet Overview by enotes

    Quiz yourself on everything there is to know about Shakespeare's classic romance with eNotes' Romeo and Juliet Overview Quiz. Includes questions on the lovers, the play's setting and plot, and important dialogue. 

  • The Friends
    The Friends by havaldez

    Chapter 1,2, and 3

  • Quadratic Equations
  • The Moon and Sixpence
    The Moon and Sixpence by brikelly5

    Basics of the novel, The Moon and Sixpence.

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