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  • Waiting for Godot Overview
    Waiting for Godot Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Do you know your Vladimir from your Estragon, your Didi from your Gogo? Test your knowledge of Samuel Beckett's existentialist play with eNotes' Waiting for Godot Overview Quiz. We promise we won't keep you waiting for your results.

  • Miss Brill Overview
    Miss Brill Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    eNotes' "Miss Brill" Overview Quiz covers the essentials of Katherine Mansfield's short story with questions on plot, characters, and significant details to help you prepare for your next test or essay.

  • The Hunger Games Overview
    The Hunger Games Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Katniss would never go into battle unprepared, and neither should you! Review for your next test with eNotes' The Hunger Games Overview Quiz, which includes ten essential questions to the first installment of Suzanne Collins' popular series.

  • The Scarlet Letter Overview
    The Scarlet Letter Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    In eNotes' The Scarlet Letter Overview Quiz find ten essential questions on Hawthorne's classic novel, covering characters, plot details, setting and more to help you in your review.

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Overview
    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    How did the horseman lose his head, and who is Ichabod Crane? eNotes' The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Overview Quiz asks the important questions on Washington Irving's famous tale to better help you study smarter.

  • Tears of a Tiger Overview
    Tears of a Tiger Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    eNotes' Tears of a Tiger Overview Quiz is designed to test you on Draper's novel as a whole, covering important questions on characters, plot developments and significant details to help you review for your next test or essay.

  • The Lottery Overview
    The Lottery Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Quickly quiz yourself on the important details of Shirley Jackson's chilling short story with eNotes' "The Lottery" Overview Quiz, covering questions on plot, characters and setting to help you study smarter.

  • A Christmas Carol Overview
    A Christmas Carol Overview by enotes

    From the tale's bleak beginning to Scrooge's great transformation, eNotes' A Christmas Carol Overview Quiz covers the major and minor details of Dickens' famous work, with questions on characters and important events to help you in your studies.

  • My Last Duchess Overview
    My Last Duchess Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    With questions on the broad and finer details of Browning's poem, eNotes' "My Last Duchess" Overview Quiz is an excellent study tool for any reader of this classic work. Test your knowledge with the five quick questions found below.

  • Paradise Lost Overview
    Paradise Lost Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Master John Milton's classic work of good and evil with eNotes' Paradise Lost Overview Quiz. Designed to test you on the poem as a whole, this quiz has questions on the most important details, characters, and plot points to better prepare you for your next test.

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