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  • Brave New World Overview
    Brave New World Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    What is soma? What happens to John the Savage? Find answers to these and other important questions from Aldous Huxley's novel with eNotes' Brave New World Overview Quiz. Designed to test your knowledge of the work as a whole, this quiz contains ten essential questions on the plot, premise, and characters of Brave New World.

  • The Yellow Wallpaper Overview
    The Yellow Wallpaper Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    eNotes' "The Yellow Wallpaper" Overview Quiz is a comprehensive test of your knowledge of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's classic short story. With questions on the work's characters and plot developments, it's the perfect study tool for your review. Get quizzing below!

  • Oedipus Rex Overview
    Oedipus Rex Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Test your knowledge of Sophocles' infamous tragedy with eNotes' Oedipus Rex Overview Quiz. Complete with ten essential questions on the play's plot and characters, this quiz is designed to test your understanding of the work as a whole to better prepare you for your next assignment. It also comes with hefty bragging rights. Start quizzing below!

  • Samurai Warriors
    Samurai Warriors by mscw

    Test your knowledge of life in feudal Japan.

  • Cold War
    Cold War by user1595337

    The quiz about the Cold war helps you reach a higher level in history and makes you remember faster all the key events and countries.

  • Henry VI, Part I Overview
    Henry VI, Part I Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Shakespeare knows that political intrigue sets the stage for war. See how much you know of his famous history with eNotes' Henry VI, Part I Overview Quiz.

  • Henry VI, Part III Overview
    Henry VI, Part III Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Quiz yourself with eNotes' Henry VI, Part III Overview Quiz, covering questions on important plot points and character motives.

  • Henry VI, Part II Overview
    Henry VI, Part II Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Delve into the intrigues of the English court with eNotes' Henry VI, Part II Overview Quiz

  • The Ambassadors Overview
    The Ambassadors Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Test yourself with the comprehensive questions on Henry James's dark comedy found in eNotes' The Ambassadors Overview Quiz.

  • Troilus and Cressida Overview
    Troilus and Cressida Overview by Jamie Wheeler

    Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida is a tumultuous play of deep tragedy and ribald comedy. Work through the details with eNotes' Troilus and Cressida Overview Quiz.

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