Gulliver's Travels Overview Quiz

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Gulliver's Travels Overview Quiz

Houyhnhms, Brobdingnagians, Lilliputians, oh my! Test your knowledge of the creatures and capers of Jonathan Swift's most famous work with eNotes' Gulliver's Travels Overview Quiz, covering questions on plot and characters both great and small.

  • Question 1

    Why did the Lilliputians separate?

  • Question 2

    Houyhnhms are what kind of rational animal?

  • Question 3

    What is Gulliver able to summon on the island of Glubbdubdrib?

  • Question 4

    What is Gulliver’s profession?

  • Question 5

    The Brobdingnagian people:

  • Question 6

    True or False: Gulliver is delighted to return permanently to England

  • Question 7

    Who are what are "yahoos"?

  • Question 8

    Why do the Houyhnhnms make Gulliver leave?

  • Question 9

    Who inhabits the "Flying Island"?

  • Question 10

    How does Gulliver end up in Lilliput?

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