Franz Kafka Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Franz Kafka Quiz

How much do you know about the author of "The Metamorphosis"? Take the Franz Kafka quiz from eNotes to find out! Contains ten questions about the short story writer and novelist who examined existentialism.

  • Question 1

    True or False: Kafka was only five feet tall

  • Question 2

    In what language did Kafka write all of his work?

  • Question 3

    Concerning his death, what instruction did Kafka give to his friend Max Brod regarding his manuscripts?

  • Question 4

    True or False: Kafka was Jewish

  • Question 5

    Which of Woody Allen's films seems to have been inspired by Kafka's The Metamorphosis?

  • Question 6

    Which of Kafka's works did Philip Glass adapt as an opera?

  • Question 7

    To whom did Kafka say he had been influenced when writing Amerika?

  • Question 8

    What unfulfilling job did Kafka keep for many years?

  • Question 9

    Where was Kafka born?

  • Question 10

    Of what did Kafka die?

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