Creon in Antigone Quiz

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Creon in Antigone Quiz

Creon is the King of Thebes. He has one tragic flaw: pride. His inability to control his hubris leads to many deaths. Be sure you understand Creon's choices and their consequences by taking the quiz over his character in the classic Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles from eNotes.

  • Question 1

    How long was Creon supposed to rule?

  • Question 2

    To whom does Creon finally listen?

  • Question 3

    Who takes their own life right in front of Creon's eyes?

  • Question 4

    Why does Creon disown his son?

  • Question 5

    True or False: Although he loses everyone he loves, Creon holds on to power

  • Question 6

    What punishment for Antigone's disobedience does Creon order?

  • Question 7

    True or False; Creon momentarily listens to Tiresias's warnings

  • Question 8

    How does Creon's wife kill herself?

  • Question 9

    How is Creon related to Antigone?

  • Question 10

    Of what fate does Tiresias predict for Creon if he remains stubborn?

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