Coriolanus Overview Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Coriolanus Overview Quiz

Witness the downfall of one of Shakespeare's most tragic of heroes in Coriolanus, then test your knowledge of the play with eNotes' Coriolanus Overview Quiz. With ten important questions on characters, plot, and dialogue, this quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the entire play, preparing you well for your next comprehensive test or assignment. Give it a go below to find out!

  • Question 1

    Why are the citizens angry with Maritus (Coriolanus)?

  • Question 2

    Why are Aufidius and Coriolanus eager to meet in battle?

  • Question 3

    What do Brutus and Sicinius do when Maritus (Coriolanus) exits with the Senate?

  • Question 4

    Why does Martius (Coriolanus) say he welcomes war with the Volscians?

  • Question 5

    Why do the Romans return to the battlefield after initially fleeing in terror?

  • Question 6

    How does Maritus (Coriolanus) react to the anger of the crowd?

  • Question 7

    After Coriolanus addresses the crowd, what do Brutus and Sicinius urge them to do?

  • Question 8

    What must Coriolanus do before being given the elevated to the highest positon in the Roman government, that of consul?

  • Question 9

    For what purpose does Virgilia say her son was born?

  • Question 10

    Why does Volumina chastises Coriolanus's wife, Virgilia?

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