A Christmas Carol Stave III Quiz

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A Christmas Carol Stave III Quiz

The Ghost of Christmas Present has whisked Scrooge away to show him scenes he never thought possible. Be sure you recall what Scrooge learns on this journey by taking the quiz over Stave III of Charles Dickens' classic work A Christmas Carol from eNotes.

  • Question 1

    What question does Scrooge ask the Spirit of Christmas Present?

  • Question 2

    Where is Scrooge when the Ghost of Christmas Present comes to fetch him?

  • Question 3

    What happens when the Spirit sprinkles something on the diner's plates of food?

  • Question 4

    To whom does Bob Cratchit raise a toast?

  • Question 5

    Where does the Ghost of Christmas Present take Scrooge?

  • Question 6

    How does the rest of the family feel at the mention of Scrooge's name?

  • Question 7

    To whose home does the Spirit take Scrooge?

  • Question 8

    Who expresses pity for Scrooge?

  • Question 9

    True or False: The rest of Bob's family heartily raises their glasses to his toast

  • Question 10

    What is the best word to describe the Ghost of Christmas present?

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