enotes FAQ

Why become a TA?

Three reasons:
  1. To share your knowledge and help your peers
  2. To learn and grow from exposure to new and interesting topics
  3. To reap rewards!
As a base reward, eNotes will give every TA a complimentary premium pass. This grants students access to all of our study guide pages. As they contribute more answers, TAs are also eligible for an Amazon gift card in increasing amounts determined by their activity level. These amounts range from $20 for their first 25 answers, to $150 for 150 answers. In addition we offer two monthly bonuses: one for the TA who contributes the most answers ($50), and one for the TA who contributed the best content of the month ($40). These gift cards are awarded at the beginning of each month and are based on the month prior. 
TAs also hold a special status on the site as members of a small and elite team. We've created a special badge to display this new rank on eNotes, seen here. This makes it a perfect program to help high school and college students stand out from the pack on job, internship, and graduate school applications.