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  • Wide Sargasso Sea
    There are three parts to Jean Rhys' novel Wide Sargasso Sea, and each part takes place in a different setting. Part I recounts the childhood and young adulthood of the central character,...

    Asked by alioness on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    In Mark Twain's classic, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," the last chapter resolves the freeing of Jim from slavery and Pip's worry about his father catching up to him as well as his triumph...

    Asked by browneyedgirl2011 on via web

    2 educator answers.

  • The Merchant of Venice
    Yes, I believe that justice and mercy are not mutually exclusive. While the voice of justice is one that seeks resolution, I don't believe it speaks in terms that are non- merciful. Punishment...

    Asked by lyntan36 on via web

    3 educator answers.

  • The Endless Steppe
    Esther was 10 years old in 1942. She and her parents and grandparents lived in Poland. They had a pretty comfortable life. Then one morning Esther awoke to discover that her family was being taken...

    Asked by kjs22 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • History
    After the nation divided and the monarchy was basically left impotent due to the human and monetary costs of the war, it was Edward IV, from the House of York (son of Richard, Duke of York). The...

    Asked by rpne on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Old Man and the Sea
    By noticing how the fishing line slants in the water, the old man is able to tell what the fish he has hooked is doing. When he is trying to hook a fish, the old man makes sure that his lines go...

    Asked by nic3 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Hamlet
    Claudius betrays his brother. http://www.tailsntales.com/eng/sha/ham/tex/sel_7.html#anchor190102 Gertrude betrays her husband's memory, at least....

    Asked by naif on via web

  • The Joy Luck Club
    The entire incident with Lindo and Ying-Ying being deceived by the Huangs and by the farce that the family offers so that their son, Tyan-yu marries Lindo served the mother and daughter to realize...

    Asked by rufus10 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • A Wizard of Earthsea
    The antagonist of this novel is actually the Shadow the Ged releases and then spends the rest of the novel trying to come to terms with. Of course, the shadow represents the dark side of himself,...

    Asked by calitexgirl on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Romeo and Juliet
    Shakespeare's drama of love set against the backdrop of familial stife feature two "star crossed lovers" as the main characters. Romeo Montague seems to be distant from his friends at the start of...

    Asked by iluvsoftball00 on via web

    2 educator answers.

  • A Tale of Two Cities
    In "A Tale of Two Cities," Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette-Darnay act as catalysts for the morose Sydney Carton. Without Lucie to love as the typical, helpless Victorian heroine, Carton has no...

    Asked by gmsoftball3200 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Great Expectations
    Remember the last action in Chapter 44 - Pip receives a note from Wemmick telling him not to go home. Acting on this note, Pip goes and spends the night at a grubby inn and the following day he...

    Asked by ella51 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Julie of the Wolves
    Miyax has been staying in the woods with the wolves but she relalizes that the weather is getting worse and she needs to leave. She decides to find a village so that she can get some help from...

    Asked by colinkeara on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Yellow Wallpaper
    The narrative style of the story reflects its subject. The narrator is enduring post- partum depression and the construction of this narration reflects this. Lacking is the third person,...

    Asked by tracy00 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Sara Teasdale
    "Thoughts" is a personal poem of reflection consisting of five stanzas, each following a regular pattern of rhyme with the second and fourth lines rhyming perfectly: When I am all alone Envy me...

    Asked by ashi on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Best of O. Henry
    In this short story by O. Henry, Sue is an artist, who lives with Johnsy her roommate. She is young, and part of the "artist" scene of Greenwich Village, of which O. Henry writes about in a rather...

    Asked by riya-kumar on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    This question has been asked and answered several times. Please look at the links below to find what you need for this poem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...it has the mystical, magical...

    Asked by khanfarhan on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Raven
    The first thing he asks the raven to tell him is his name("...Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore..." Stanza 8). The speaker continues talking and gets himself more and...

    Asked by kelsie0000 on via web

    2 educator answers.

  • William Blake
    The notions of purity and innocence represent the essence of Blake's fascination with the lamb. The lamb is described in the softest of images in the most literal of senses. "Softest clothing of...

    Asked by batul on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Fighting Ground
    the father

    Asked by nyyanks on via web

  • To Kill a Mockingbird
    1. Boo Radley appears to be a complete social misfit, a boogey-man, a character of nightmares and childhood dare-games. He is supposedly evil, a criminal, a spook, and completely devoid of any...

    Asked by vonney on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Math
    Question:Write nine hundred fifty eight in standard form: Answer: 958. Write the standard number 67 in words: Answer: Sixty seven. Explanation: The decimal numbers we write are the standard form of...

    Asked by mc-mc on via web

  • History
    While the early battles of the Mexican-American War were won by a all-professional army under General Zachary Taylor, it was Winfield Scott who took Mexico City on September 14, 1847. His conquest...

    Asked by mampmamp on via web

    2 educator answers.

  • Literature
    I assume you are referring to The Memory Keepers daughter, since that is the only novel I know of with the characters if Caroline and Al. In the novel, Caroline and Al get married in 1972.

    Asked by ream on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Bet
    The Bet is the story of two men, a banker and a lawyer who argue over whether life in prison or capital punishment is the worst punishment. To settle the bet, the lawyer agrees to go to prison for...

    Asked by suevilla4 on via web

    2 educator answers.

  • Science
    Pigments are insoluble colors that bind with whatever medium they are part of. Dye inks are waterbased, and dissolve in whatever medium they are added to. Acrylic paints are pigments suspended in a...

    Asked by jmanmeason on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Hamlet
    The events in "Hamlet" portray social dysfunction on all levels. On the largest scope, there is political upheaval, as Claudius has usurped his brother's place by force. He is ready to do anything...

    Asked by varsham on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Masque of the Red Death
    The stranger first appears at the masked ball the Prince Prospero has, he is noticed at the stroke of Midnight, the Prince becomes so enraged at the sight of this figure that he issues an edict...

    Asked by cchs on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Pearl
    Since page numbers differ among various editions of the novel, I can't be certain which scene you are referencing, but I believe you most likely are asking about events in Chapter V. When Kino...

    Asked by Ika on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Little Foxes
    This is a wonderful poem I first read as a junior in college. I saw you question when I was tyring to find it again. The poem is one of faith. First , we here of how he still feels the amputated...

    Asked by charese019 on via web

  • T. S. Eliot
    These are the first two of the five act-like sections of Eliot's masterpiece Waste Land (1922). It is too complex a poem/structure to reduce to particular thematic ideas in a very concrete way. The...

    Asked by zindagiin2009 on via web

  • The Eagle
    A simile is a comparison of two unlike things using a word such as like or as to compare the two things. The fence posts stood like sentries between the two empty fields of grass. The fence posts...

    Asked by abulbashar on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Thomas Hardy
    Hardy's poem tells the story of a working class British man who has fought in WW I. The narrator of the poem is describing his rationale for having killed an enemy soldier. He muses aloud about why...

    Asked by sashacullen on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • "MASTER HAROLD" . . . and the Boys
    I think that this is a wonderful idea. One image on your poster can be people dancing, because the dance metaphor is fairly powerful. Perhaps, you can have individuals doing different types of...

    Asked by maboda on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Literature
    Nissim Ezekiel was born December 14, 1924 in Mumbai. His parents were both in education, with his mother being principal of a school and his father being a professor of botanly at Wilson College....

    Asked by mannat on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Wuthering Heights
    what torments lockwood during his first dream?

    Asked by u2009 on via web

  • Wuthering Heights
    Catherine decides to marry Edgar. She explains to Nelly that she would never marry Edgar except that Hindley has debased Heathcliff’s social status so much that she could not marry Heathcliff....

    Asked by answerme on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Wuthering Heights
    In Chapter 9 we see the climax of the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff up to this point. Having overheard Cathy say that to marry Heathcliff would degrade her, Heathcliff leaves the moors....

    Asked by u5100 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Wuthering Heights
    Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" (1837) takes its name from the Yorkshire manor on the moors. In the native Yorkshire dialect the word "wuthering" means turbulent weather: Symbolically,...

    Asked by abhi3agg on via web

  • Wuthering Heights
    Hindley Earnshaw's hatred for Heathcliff had its roots in the fact that his father, Mr. Earnshaw, favored the boy over himself. Hindley had been fourteen years old when Mr. Earnshaw first brought...

    Asked by kashika on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Crucible
    John Proctor decides to confess his adultery with Abigail Williams to prove to the court that she has a motive for wanting to accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft. Proctor wants to make very...

    Asked by saramichelle on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • History
    Stalin was not the only factor in the rift between the Soviet Union and the US, and in fact the rift had existed ever since the founding of the USSR. But Stalin did have a great deal to do with...

    Asked by milou on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
    Anne Frank was not right in thinking that the Jews were to blame for the war. She was a victim of Hitler's insanity. The notion that a pure race of "supermen" would be bred from pure "Ayrian"...

    Asked by confused1234 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • John Donne
    The fear expressed at the end of Donne's poem reflects a freight at a world where the presence and power of God is not experienced. In the last stanza, I think the critical line that conveys this...

    Asked by harsh14 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
    I think that you will have to make a critical choice here. A case can be made that each entry moves one's heart because we are hearing a voice, an emerging, insightful voice, which was silenced...

    Asked by scarletletter on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
    The Nazi Occupation of Holland was the period in which Anne composes her diary. When it became apparent that the Dutch were going to have to endure the same challenges as other nations occupied...

    Asked by ruthlesslove on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Great Expectations
    Pip is disappointed when his "great expectations" do not develop into what he has hoped they would be. For example, he has idolized Estella as the most beautiful young lady he has ever met. In his...

    Asked by pdd107 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Ulysses
    Tennyson's Ulysses follows the pattern of a few other poems by Tennyson in being written in the voice of a character in Homeric epic, but either from a viewpoint or perspective not found in Homer....

    Asked by tuhin22 on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • The Monkey's Paw
    In"The Monkey's Paw," by W. W. Jacobs, the external and internal settings are described, Without the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlor of Laburnam Villa the blinds were drawn and the...

    Asked by gaylz on via web

    1 educator answer.

  • Guns, Germs, and Steel
    The Anna Karenina Principle, which Diamond uses to explain the success of certain societies as opposed to others by suggesting that Tolstoy's first line of his great novel which tries to explain...

    Asked by chuckdplayer on via web

    1 educator answer.

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