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if you were in the role of caesar how wolud you answer the following questions.....1.Do...

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if you were in the role of caesar how wolud you answer the following questions.....

1.Do you hold any grudges against brutus
2. How did u feel when brutus had you at knife point
3.Why did you not see the omens as warnings
.4.What are your reasons for turning the crown three times
5.Do you not feel inferior due to your epilepsy

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Enotes has a very good character analysis of Julius Caesar at the link below. First, you should analyze Caesar and put yourself in his place in order to answer these questions. Look at what Caesar says and does as well as what the other characters say about him. Just keep in mind that most of the other characters are his enemies.

In Act I, scene i, the commoners are celebrating Caesar's latest military victory, indicating they support Caesar. The tribunes, however, indicate negative feelings toward him. In the next scene, Caesar ignores a warning by a soothsayer, calling him a dreamer. Perhaps this shows Caesar's unwillingness to be influenced by superstition in public. Later in the scene, Caesar tells Marc Antony that he doesn't trust Cassius, but he also makes a point to say he isn't scared of him. Caesar wants to show himself to be fearless, but it also suggests he's a good judge of character, since Cassius is his enemy. 

In Act II, we see Caesar's superstitious nature, being swayed at first by his wife and others not to go to the Capitol, but Decius gives him another interpretation, and Caesar does go. Again, Caesar wants to be seen as a strong, fearless leader, especially in light of his physical weakness, epilepsy.

These are just highlights of the events and characteristics of Caesar. Decide whether you see him as a strong leader who only wants what's good for Rome, or as a self-serving dictator. Then you can answer the questions.

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