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 If you were developing a new program to meet the medical, health, and nutritional...

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 If you were developing a new program to meet the medical, health, and nutritional needs of your community for the next ten years, what conflicts might you anticipate as you attempt to adapt a post modernist/complexity science strategy?

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The postmodernist theory as it relates to health care suggests that health is complex.  Many factors play into a community's health including socioeconomic, cultural, environmental, and individual issues.  In the same vein, complexity science strategy also suggests that health care treatment is complex.  Health care processes are not linear like machines. Rather, health care and treatment of individuals has many factors at play. As such, health care is a constantly changing environment. 

When developing a new program to meet the health, medical and nutritional needs of the community, there may be some who are at odds with a postmodernist or complexity science strategy.  Many people have been educated to believe there was one prescription for one disease, one right treatment, and one method for achieving health care goals.  Change management within the health care organization and the community would be the largest obstacle to overcome. 


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