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You are out on a leisurely walk with your dog. Suddenly, the dog runs off toward a...

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You are out on a leisurely walk with your dog. Suddenly, the dog runs off toward a traffic filled street. Worried that it might get run over, you sprint after it. Luckily, you catch it before anything happens, but you find yourself panting. Later, your leg muscles ache a little.

Besides aerobic cellular respiration, what other type of cellular respiration occurs as you sprint after your dog, describe it? What parts of the cell are involved? Why does your body carry out this type of cellular respiration? How much energy is being produced per glucose molecule?

What causes the muscles to cramp after the run & and why are panting after the run?


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Our cells in our body perform cellular respiration in order to convert our glucose to produce energy in the form of ATP. However, this is not always the case. Remember that in order to perform cellular respiration, we need oxygen as fuel for reaction. Considering the situation from the above scenario, delivery of oxygen in some parts of the body became limited. However, the body still needs to produce ATP so the cells shift into anaerobic respiration. Compared with the normal cellular respiration, anaerobic respiration happens outside the mitochondria. It is less efficient because it only produce 6 ATP per one glucose molecule. The end product would be the presence of lactic acid which causes muscle cramps. Panting happens to supply oxygen to cells thus normalizing the ATP production


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