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How can you improve efficiency in a physicial referral helpline? You manage a patient...

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How can you improve efficiency in a physicial referral helpline?

You manage a patient referral helpline in which callers receive recommendations for physicians that treat special conditins or that have special training skills.  In the last year, the number of calls your helpline receives has doubled.  While you don't have budget to hire additional staff, you have an additional $20,000 to spend on your department to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in your organisation.

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Increase efficiency by creating a call menu that leads callers to employees specializing in certain categories of specialities.

A help line can be run very efficiently if the employees are properly trained and have access to enough resources.  A call database is the most important factor here.  You can analyze data to see what type of specialty most of the calls are coming from, and who those people have as their health care provider.  This can help you siphon off some calls by being proactive and making sure that the health care providers whose patients make the most calls get the information they need direct from the source.  You need to track health care trends in your area, as well as population trends.  For example, if there is a growing elderly population you are going to see more need for services related to the elderly.  You can then have that information at the ready.


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