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  You are the manager of a prospective large IT project that will outsource a large...

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You are the manager of a prospective large IT project that will outsource a large portion of the work. In strategizing ways to reduce your company’s risk, your Legal Department insists that all procurement from external vendors should be negotiated to the benefit of your company, regardless of the consequences to the seller of services or products.


2-3 pages, make your specific arguments (with citations to support your research) of cooperative measures you can employ to explain to your executives why a cooperative procurement strategy (Cooperative procurement strategy is the one, which facilitates the parties involved to work towards optimizing their performance and benefits.) represents less risk to both buyer and seller than the more adversarial position suggested by Legal. In your explanation, use:


Three different types of contracts to support this approach – elaborate in your explanation to demonstrate your knowledge of the differences in the 3 types you select. Citations to support your research are mandatory. (15 points – 5 points per type of contract).

2. How the SOW contributes to a procurement strategy. (5 points)

3. Other cooperative procurement measures that will mutually reduce risk to both buyer and seller (10 points)

Be sure you give enough information in each part of the question for full credit.

Please limit your response to 2-3 pages.

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