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You are looking at the battle between Beowulf and Grendel from Beowulf’s point of...

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You are looking at the battle between Beowulf and Grendel from Beowulf’s point of view. You have just arrived back in Scandinavia after defeating Grendel. You have been asked to share your story with the natives of your land. Tell the story of the battle from your (Beowulf’s) perspective. Be sure to elaborate on the following:

  • Who was involved in the battle?
  • What was the cause of the battle?
  • Where did the battle take place?
  • How did you defeat the monster?
  • What was the monster’s reaction to being defeated?
  • Why was the defeat over Grendel so important to King Hrothgar and his people?

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What a fun assignment. In order to stay true to the characteristics of the epic, one must be sure to include kennings, alliteration, and elevated language. Here you go.

Beowulf's Battle Perspective:

As the sole man capable of engaging in a battle boast with the monster,

I vowed to fight without weapons.

For, I must be sure that I maintained my aristeria and arete. 

For twelve bloody years the beast had bested Heorot.

I vowed to take back the hall for its heroic ring-giver Hrothgar.

Within the belly of the hall did I wait for the dark demon.

He entered Heorot, hoping to drink more battle sweat.

But I ended his thirst soon. 

Engaged in battle, I grabbed his arm, twisting and turning,

Till his shoulder separated from his sockets hilt.

Screaming in pain, the beast fled to dream of death.

This victory gave Hrothgar back his hall and his health.

I did this not for gold, but for glory for God. 


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