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In as you like it write any 10 questions from each scenes?  

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In as you like it write any 10 questions from each scenes?


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1. explain why touchstone is referred to as a "whetstone" ?

2. in act II scene 1, give 1 reason as to why jaques is sad?

3. in act II scene 1, how did they learn about the deer's pain?

4. in act II scene3, why does orlando call himself a "rotten tree"? give one reason.

5. give reasons for the sudden appearance of a song in act II scene5.

6. explain the seven stages of man.

7. in act III scene 3, give four comparisons of rosalind with famous women, and how is she compared to them?

8. explain with reference to act III, scene 2, the reference to the "irish rat".

9. with reference to act III scene 3, explain the pun on the word "goths".

10. "the comedy is less a comedy of dramatic event than a playful fanatstic criticism of life"--discuss the above statement.

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8. rosalind says that she is on the verge of getting rid of her surprise get over------she believes a surprise lasts for atleast 9 days..and she's seven out of he nine days.-----she also adds she was an irish rat in her previous birth..........

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