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You have been selected to be one of the primary “change agents” of the company.From...

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You have been selected to be one of the primary “change agents” of the company.

From your research, prepare a communications plan for the upcoming change. In a PowerPoint presentation, outline the steps you would recommend to communicate the change. Be sure and cover all of the important considerations related to the change.

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Based on your response to my request above:

One of the retail consulting lines will be distributing a new automated production system. You are in charge of communicating this change and the vital role it will play for your company.

I am working from the premise that you are preparing this for a management team.  The suggestions here would change if it were for a different audience.  You might want to include:

  • purpose and expected results of new system
  • costs to implement and timing to recover those costs
  • timeline for implementation by each stage or phase
  • how it will affect day-to-day operations
  • how employees will be notified, trained, and supported
  • how vendors will be notified and supported, or even trained (for example, their supply chain might need to change or timing of product delivery might change)
  • how others (customers, etc.) will be notified
  • any branding or slogans that will be used as part of the change
  • what role management and others will have in conveying information about the new system to employees and others
  • what message you want this management team to convey to anyone who asks about the change (this may range from "no comment" to quite specific info)
  • what media and other mechanisms you'll be using to announce the change to "the world"

The suggestions above speak to the content of your communications plan.  But there is also the presentation aspect of your plan to consider.

  • incorporate any branding or slogan for the new system into your slides (create a new template)
  • use a font that relates; a bold new system, for example, would suggest using a bold font style atypical for most company presentations

These steps will begin to prepare your audience the change.  Incorporating elements of your communications plan into this presentation can get people excited and help them become part of it.

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Perhaps you could refine your request for help.  For example, what is the primary target of your message: employees in general, upper management, board of directors, consumers, vendors, ???

Before you can prepare a message, you need to know your audience, anticipate their questions, and see how your presentation can answer some of those questions in advance.

If their is a specific area of communications plan you'd like assistance with, share that with us so we can help you.

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