You are Ezinma. Write about your childhood?You are Ezinma. Write about your childhood?

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When addressing this topic, I think you want to identify about two to three overriding ideas about Ezinma's childhood.  To do this, go back and reflect on what you read in the text:  What sticks out about Ezinma's childhood?  What were the most prominent moments?  After you have identified either three ideas or moments in her childhood, use those to reflect how those moments or concepts impacted her throughout her life.  This becomes that basis of your writing about her childhood.  For example, perhaps you will choose the idea of her sickness as a child.  What would this reflect about her character, her sense of self?  (She overcomes adversity, her identity is linked to struggle, the idea that she is a fighter, perhaps even tougher than a man in a male powered setting.)  When you are writing in her voice, you will have to assume her character and her sense of self.  In doing this, pulling moments or concepts from her childhood and then writing about how they played formative roles in her identity as an adult will create a work sample that links childhood to adulthood, showing the arc of growth in each.

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