You are driving 104 km/hr on a highway. You are 330 miles away from your destination. If you keep that same speed, how long will it take you to get where you are going? 1km = .6 miles . Explain...

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First you have to convert miles into km so you can solve how long it would take. So 330/.6=550 km long. If it takes an hour to drive 104 km, it would take approximetly 5.28 hours (550 miles/104 miles=5.28846... hours).

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First the units of speed and distance have to be made the same.

1 km = 0.6 miles

Thus, a velocity of 104 km/hr =104*0.6, i.e. 62.4 miles/hr

Distance remaining to be covered= 330 miles.

Your constant speed is 62.4 miles/hr

From speed-displacement-time relations,

Displacement or distance=speed*time

So, time=distance/speed=330/62.4 hr =5.29 hr = 5 hr 17 minutes (approximately).

Therefore, it will take 5 hr 17 minutes to reach your destination.

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