if you divide 422 by the pi limit what is the limit of the equasion of 664 x 11 pihard and easy all in one

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If you divide 422 by the pi limit what is the value?.Find the value of the expression  664 x 11 pi.


pi is a transcendental number. It is not a rational number.Nor is it a surd.It is a constant and a very beautiful constant  and that is the ratio of the  measure of length equivalent of the circumference of any circle divided by its diameter.

The constant, pi has been worked out by various methods to a great number of digits and you can find its history.The number in my ordinary opinion is a nature's secret enlightned  to man.

pi=3.141592654.Significant to 9th decimal and  terminated.


664*11pi=7304*pi=22946.1927418 approximately.

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