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Why do scientists cruelly experiment on animals?  How is this advantageous for...

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Why do scientists cruelly experiment on animals?  How is this advantageous for humans? 

Are the advantages important enough to say it is ok to be cruel to animals?


E.g. the dog that was stone-dead for three hours, then scientists carefully brought it back to life.

-max 300 wrds plz

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We really need to be have some clarity on what we mean by cruelty. Can we say that killing of any kind is cruel. Then killing of animals for food, or of rodents to save our crops, or of enemy on the battle field is all cruelty. If all this is not cruel then we can say that the purpose of killing or causing harm to others is an important criteria in deciding if an act is cruel or not.

The experiments done by scientists, particularly in the field of medicines are to save lives of people. Perhaps the benefit to humanity in terms of per animal killed in laboratory is many thousand times more than tat of an animal killed in a slaughter house. Therefore I believe that in principle it is not cruel to do experiments on animals in laboratory.

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Scientists perform teston animals for the sake of research and improving the lives of humans. For instance, being able to clone sheep may lead to being able to clone humans, or make humans "better" at doing certain things by replacing certain DNA and genetics.

Also, It is considered cruelty if the animal is being hurt in any way during the testing procedures, however, the definition of cruelty varies among us.

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