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Simplify: `x^5/3(x^7/3-x^7/2)`

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Simplify: `x^5/3(x^7/3-x^7/2)`

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The expression `x^5/3(x^7/3-x^7/2)` has to be simplified.


=> `x^5/3((2x^7-3x^7)/6)`

=> `(x^5/3)*(-x^7/6)`

=> `-x^12/18`

The given expression `x^5/3(x^7/3-x^7/2)` = `-x^12/18`

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`x^5/3` `(x^7/3-x^7/2)=x^5/18(6x^7/3-6x^7/2)=x^5/18(2x^7-3x^7)=x^5/18(-x^7)=`



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