wuthering heights,analyse the character of heathcliffis heathcliff a realistic character or more of a symbolic representation ? or is he have both  the traits ? discuss in details.

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Heathcliff is an archetypal character who represents the very essence of revenge. As such, he cannot be described as realistic. While the reader may sympathize greatly with Heathcliff’s humble origin and his obvious pain at losing Catherine, it is not possible to characterize Heathcliff’s behavior as realistic. The episode describing him digging up Catherine’s grave to lie as close as possible to her dead body is a classic Gothic literature moment, however unrealistic it might be. Heathcliff personifies revenge, determined to degrade everyone around him in his grief and anger over what might have been for himself and Catherine.

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Do you agree with the view that Heathcliff is a tragic figure who evokes sympathy ? give reasons in support of your answer.

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