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In a short paper on nature vs nurture, what is a good way to react to the excerpt...

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In a short paper on nature vs nurture, what is a good way to react to the excerpt below?

from journal: Paul V Crosbie - The Effects on Sex and Size of Status Ranking.

Expectation-states theory does not

provide a complete explanation of status

ranking. In particular, it does not handle

resource control and exchange processes

extant in social systems. Yet, resource

control does seem to influence status

ranking, and the socially assigned resource

difference between males and

females has been identified as a situational,

intervening variable between

biological sex and sex-status ranking

(Collins, 1971; Gillespie, 1971; Rodman,

1972). Requirements of the research setting

forced the random assignment of resources

to subjects. Thus, the assumption

that males and females differ in socially

determined resource control cannot be

tested in this model. Nevertheless, resource

control differences were extant in

the research setting, though not sexrelated,

and their direct and indirect

(through participation-performance) contributions

were hypothesized and assessed

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It will be somewhat difficult to react to this particular excerpt because it is the beginning of a description of research.  It does not really say anything about what the research found.  This makes it harder to have a response that would be helpful to you in a paper about nature versus nurture.

The first part of this excerpt is telling us about the author’s view of expectation states theory.  He is critiquing this theory because it does not account for who controls the resources in a given society.  He says that men seem to control more of the resources and that that control of resources helps to create the situation in which women are ascribed a lower status than men.

It appears that the author is then moving on to a description of his own research on the subject.  In his research, he randomly gave various amounts of resources to various subjects.  In other words, he did not give men more resources than women.  Therefore, he could not test whether society gives men more resources than women.  He does not tell us what his study actually finds.

Because no findings are discussed, it is hard to react to this excerpt on its own.  You could try to react to the idea that society gives men more resources than women.  You could try to identify resources that you believe are made available to men and not to women simply because of their sex.  If there are such resources, their existence would help to show that differences in outcomes and behaviors between men and women are more a result of nurture than of nature.

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