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Writing about History :)Imagine that you run a settlement house. Write a letter to a...

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Writing about History :)

Imagine that you run a settlement house. Write a letter to a wealthy family persuading them to donate money to your settlement house. Be sure to explain the purpose of the settlement house, the specific programs it offers, and its effects on the city.

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I think that you might be able to gain valuable insights behind such a letter, but the actual letter is going to have to be written through your own analysis.  If I were writing a letter to appeal for donations, I would include some personal testimony from people in the settlement house that detail what life was like for them before their entry and how life has improved for them as a part of the settlement house.  This would be able to address how things are altered with its presence for the better.  At the same time, I would stress that the personal narratives detailed are only small examples of how things are now, and that with increased funding those narratives can grow and individual support of the settlement house could actually yield great publicity for the generous who donate their money to such a cause.

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In order to write this letter, you need to figure out what the purpose of a settlement house is and how it affects the city where it is located.

Settlement houses were meant as a way to help improve the lives of (mainly) poor immigrants.  They did things like helping women learn how to speak English and like providing some sorts of preschool type things for their children.  They later branched out into doing craft clubs and things like that to give the women something fun to do.

I would argue in my letter that this helped the cities by reducing the amount of poverty and crime.  It made the immigrants more likely to be able to get ahead and contribute to their economy and society.

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The best way to address this assignment is to research the works of Jacob Riis' How the Other Half Lives as well Jane Addams who was involved in the Settlement Houses. Riis' work describes the terrible living conditions of the tenements, while Addams sought to provide help to those living in those urban slums. She established the Hull House in Chicago as a social service center offering job training, child care, clinics, education classes, and a support system for anyone who sought help. Once you have read up on the information internalize the information as if you were a part of this experience. Then write your letter from that perspective. I have included several websites of interest.

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I think u should do ur own work (:

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