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Write a newspaper report about the choices which the world must make about climate...

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Write a newspaper report about the choices which the world must make about climate change. Explain some of the possible solutions and how they could help solve the problems. Give your opinion of what you think the world should be doing.

Explain how the effect of at least two environmentally damaging human activities may reduced.

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The choices the world must make are numerous:

Prevent or cope
Are we willing to sacrifice the reliability of combustion generation?
Is this even something we can stop?

The biggest problem is that the vast majority of our energy sources (electricity, transportation, etc.) come from combustion.  Most combustible substances contain carbon, and burning them releases carbon dioxide into the air.  However, the reason for this is that combustion is the most reliable source of energy.  Could we get electricity from solar?  Only when the sun's shining, and its notoriously inefficient (20% vs. 60%).  Could we get it from wind?  Only when the wind's blowing.  Could we get it from hydropower?  Only if the river flows fast enough.  And these sources pose other problems: Solar panels take up space that could be used to grow food.  Wind turbines kill birds.  Dams kill fish.  And even if we make all our cars electric, where are you going to get the electricity to replace the energy from the internal combustion engines?

Another problem.  According to our measurements the Earth has increased `1^o` F in 150 years.  Alarmists say that most of this increase is concentrated in the past 40 years (hence the hockey stick model).  One thing they fail to note is that in those same 40 years, Jupiter and Mars have experienced the exact same temperature trends, with no measurable change in their atmospheric content.  What could account for this coincidence?  Also during the past 40 years, the ratio of Carbon 14 to Carbon 12 in the Earth's biosphere has increased.  Carbon 14 is created by Beta radiation from the sun hitting Nitrogen 14 nuclei.  The beta particle (an electron) combines with a proton turning it into a neutron, and transmuting the Nitrogen into Carbon.  It decays by ejecting the beta particle 5,000 years later.  The same phenomenon that could cause that increase, could also explain the warming trends on other planets, and the only thing humans could do about that is pray, and cope. 

If climate change is inevitable, then we need to stop exercising in futility trying to prevent it, and start coping.  Build further away from the shorelines, make more efficient use of water, stockpile food and other necessities. 

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