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Write the first body paragraph from a Macbeth essay, please follow the details.Skip...

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williamparker... | Student, Grade 11 | eNotes Newbie

Posted June 10, 2009 at 7:24 PM via web

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Write the first body paragraph from a Macbeth essay, please follow the details.

Skip the introduction over to Body 1 paragraph, the following is.


First Paragraph: Body 1 Intro - Thesis - the Evil of Greed

- sect 1

- sect 2


Second Paragraph:  sect 1 Evil of Greed in Macbeth

- Quote

- Explain

- Conclude

Thid Paragraph sect 2 Evil of Greed in Lady Macbeth

- Quote

- Explain

- Coclude

Fourth Paragraph: Conclusion

- Thesis: Evil of Greed

- sect 1

- sect 2

- sect 3

- Conclusion

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amy-lepore | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Educator Emeritus

Posted June 10, 2009 at 10:18 PM (Answer #1)

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Without the introduction and the complete idea of the thesis (the evil of greed is what?  responsible for many characters' demise in the pla?) It is very difficult to write or to give you suggestions for the paragraphs you seek.  My advice to you is to look at your introduction, think about your thesis (the entire thesis statement) and ask yourself why you feel that way, or why you believe it is true.  The thesis should be a controversial issue--something that can be argued either way, that you can prove with incidents and examples from the play.  If your thesis is "Macbeth's demise is caused by the evil nature of greed", then why do you agree with this?  What three reasons do you have from the play that help you prove this thesis is true?   

In general, your seem to be speaking of the evil qualities of greed for your first paragraph (what makes you think that greed is evil?  What examples can you give for that thesis? How can you prove it? ) Then, you move to the evil nature of greed in Macbeth--what examples can you give from the play? What evil did he do that was motivated by greed?  You will use the same process for his lovely wife.  Wrap it up with general comments again for the final paragraph and reiterate the evil greed forces men and women to do in the world.

Rather than studying a series of paragraphs that someone else writes for you, you will probably do much better writing the paragraph from your own knowledge and experience with the play than memorizing foreign material for your test.  Sounds like you may be expected to write this essay on the test, so it should be something you have prepared so you can recreate it easily on the test.

Good Luck!

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