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Write a comment on this ?  Act One "SORIN-  I foresee that that dog is going to...

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Write a comment on this ?


Act One

"SORIN-  I foresee that that dog is going to howl all night again.It is always this way in the country; I have never been able tolive as I like here. I come down for a month's holiday, to restand all, and am plagued so by their nonsense that I long toescape after the first day. [Laughing] I have always been glad toget away from this place, but I have been retired now, and thiswas the only place I had to come to. Willy-nilly, one must livesomewhere "

I want to stydy closely how I should answer a this type of question. I mean what's the structure is.


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It should be tackled with relevance to the characters, themes, plot line and techniques. This context, for example reveals about Sorin's character. Theme 'dissatisfaction' can be taken, and this is said when Trepliov's play is going to be staged in act l. That way reference to the text should be done with an inclusion of a personal comment.

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