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Write a character sketch of: Lord Emsworth, Angus Mc Allister, Freddie, DonaldsonHow...

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Write a character sketch of: Lord Emsworth, Angus Mc Allister, Freddie, Donaldson

How did Lord Emsworth get into trouble at the Kensington gardens?

Why did everybody refuse to believe that he was an Earl? How did they treat him? How did Lord Emsworth feel?

How did Lord Emsworth's conversation with Donaldson change his feelings about Freddie's marriage?

How did Lord Emsworth finally manage to win the first prize? 

Write a character sketch of: Lord Emsworth, Angus Mc Allister, Freddie, Donaldson

Comment on the father son relationship between Lord Emsworth and Freddie.

How is the story a comment on upper class British society?


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Whoa! Thats a lot. But most of the answers are in the story itself.

1) Lord Emsworth picked up flowers from the Kensington Gardens, which are by the way Princess Diana's gardens. Which is why it makes it so important.

2) The crowd refused to believe he was an earl because of his shabby appearance, example: the badly fitting tweed suit. Detailed descriptions in the story. I am not that jobless to spoon feed you.
The crowd was hyena-like. It was a mocking crowd.
Lord Emsworth felt very helpless and hopeless as no one would believe him and thats why he practically begged McAllister to tell everyone that he was an earl.

3) Well, when he realised that Mr. Donaldson was a very rich man and would take Freddie far away and make him work, ofcourse he was delighted that he wouldn't be responsible for Freddie anymore and wouldn't have to see his face.

4) Lord Emsworth begged McAllister to come back and he did, so they won the first prize as Angus started taking care of the pumpkin.

5) Lord Emsworth: foolish, funny, naive, humorous, impulsive, like a little boy since he like to play with new toys, fluffy-minded, amiable, forgetful, ridiculous as he cared more about the pumpkin than his son, not the type of man who looked before he leaped.
Angus McAllister: intelligent, honest, had his pride and dignity, forgiving.
Freddie : teperamental, careless because he had debts, carefree, couldn't be kept shut in one place.
Donaldson : rich, easy-going, frank, someone you would just want to listen to, sort of intimidating if he could make an earl wilt.

6) The relationship is very awkward between them. Lord Emsworth can't wait to get rid of Freddie. He is always suspecting him. He doesn't exactly trust Freddie due to his debts which tells him that he has been gambling. In short, it is a very troubled relationship.

7) That, I really dont know. Sorry. I could try though.
But it does say that the upper class doesn't exactly care about the lower class. See how Emsworth freaked out when Aggie was a cousin to his GARDENER. Also look at the tone of the letter in which he asks Angus to return.

Well, thats it. I swear I alteast want a 'thank you' since I did waste a lot of my time for your question. The least you could do is be a gentleman and thank me.

Just kidding. :P

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Hey, made a mistake. I meant teMperamental for Freddie, not teperamental.

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