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Write a Character Driven StoryWrite a Character Driven Story

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Write a Character Driven Story

Write a Character Driven Story

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In order to do this, you must create a believeable character. There are several things you need to consider in order to create a character who pops off the page.  Exercises are available online and in reference books for writers in order to do this.  Then, once you have the character, put him in a situation and let him go.  For instance, what if a fish could walk?  Create your fish character and then let him go for a walk.  What reactions would he get?  What adventures on land would he have?


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There ar two types of characters dynamic who grow and change and drive the story, and static who don’t grow and change, but they do serve very specific purposes. Try imagining your character: what does s/he look like, sound like, act like, walk like, smell like? What does s/he say? Any favorite expressions or odd quirks?

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If you're new to writing, you might start with what you know best--yourself.  Write about an experience in third person.  Give yourself another name, and describe this new personna's thoughts and feelings as he or she experiences a memorable event.  Add detail, dialogue.  Since you are creating a story rather than recalling it, you can make it turn out the way you want and portray your character the way you see yourself or want to see yourself.   You can end with a lesson learned, an insight gained (epiphany), a feeling. 

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