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Would you puchase genetically modified seeds? why or why not? Give three reasons. As a...

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Would you puchase genetically modified seeds? why or why not? Give three reasons.

As a farmer your corn crop has been affected for the past two years by weeds and insects, and your harvest has been greatly reduced. you face some financial decisions that may affect your future as a farmer. You have the opportunity to puchase seeds that have been genetically modified to be resistant to herbicides while the weeds around them are destroyed.

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Let us not scare ourselves in trying the genetically modified (GM) products. Looking at the scenario of your question, it would be a good way to venture with GM crops. Genetically modified seeds are now designed to be resistant to insects, to weeds and to other bacteria that can cause death to plants thus lessening the production of crops. 

Remember that GM organisms are being studied so as to check if there will be complication in humans (and other organisms). So there is nothing for us to be scared. However, we should always be on guard with current news and details regarding the GM seeds that we are buying. Sometimes there are instructions that should be followed in order to attain a good production. 

Benefits include:

  • Increased pest and disease resistance
  • tolerance to drought
  • Potential increase in food production


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Genetically modified seeds have a potential of doing a great harm, GMO may harm the digestive tract of both the animals and humans that ingest them.


GMO can also end up growing wild which can cause significant impact and harm to the ecosystem, which can lead to the outbreak of nuisance creatures

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