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Would someone please tell me how to find exellent research about what is often called...

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Would someone please tell me how to find exellent research about what is often called boot camp prisons?

Like everyone in my class I cannot find out which states have them. We found an article saying there is supposed to be 400 - 500 in the U.S. and that nonviolent offenders go their also numerous juveniles have died while in them. They dont help with recidivism and we are not sure how they fit with the crime control model. Our teacher gave us a link to this site, but we cant access it without being a subscriber. I'd love to know where they are and when they started using them. Of course I'd love to find out everything about them. Normally I don't have a problem finding what I want. Usually I get way to much information, but this time I need some really good ideas of where to find what my teacher wants us to find.


We need to get information about where they are  

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There are several ways in which to go about this.

1. Most basic is do a google search or a google scholar search with key words and look for bibliography.

2. You should also do key word searches in our local library or better yet, school library.

3. If your library has subscriptions to academic journals, you can do key word searches as well. Look for the key words in the abstracts of these articles.

4. There are also search engines that are specific to subjects. You can do the same.

Even if you do two of these recommendations, you will find bibliography and from there look at their bibliographies and footnotes. Keep hunting and you will find.

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