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would somebody correct errors help me structure my essay and point out the fallacies...

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would somebody correct errors help me structure my essay and point out the fallacies for the following topic Macbeth is a good man who makes the wrong choice and who evntually pays the price for his foolishness critically discuss to what extent this statment is true in a well structured essay of 350 to 400 words given:

Macbeth like all other humans was innately good,he was pressurised and manipulated into committing an act which he would not ordinarily accept, he was a victim of the supernatural.

Act1Scene3L1-37 proves that the witches could physically affect those around them.L25“Though his bark cannot be lost, Yet it shall be tempest-tossed.”.By exposing macbeth to his future like the way the witches did they have sparked within him a hunger for something he was before happy without.

Macbeth's response to the prophecies was surprise “Good sir, why do you start and seem to fear      Things that do sound so fair?”, negating the argument claiming the witches simply being an echo of macbeths inner temptation.  

Macbeth’s succeeding Duncan shows that macbeth was in a position to be groomed for inheriting Scotland should anything happen to Malcolm and Donalbain this would strengthen the point of had the witches not intervened macbeth would become king anyways because it was written for him

Macbeth was coerced into killing Duncan by his wife.The fact that the witches mention Banquo's lineage succeeding Macbeth’s “throne” and Macbeth’s wife playing on this same fear makes him even more confused and pressurised no man should hear “When you durst do it then you were a man”from his lover under strain especially if he was incapable of standing up to her.

Only after the deception of the witches does Macbeth's future turn to ruin before which “Bellona’s bridegroom” was a worthy title for “Noble Macbeth”.Even lady macbeth thought him too soft “yet i do fear*****”.Macbeth killed MacDonwald and respected the king as a subject friend and cousin before the witches toyed with his mind.

Macbeth should not have killed Duncan as this was his destruction. After Macbeth kills the king he is forced to commit more murder to defend his position and ensure his security and success, fear overrides decision and his life unravels under his nose

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