Please advise whether I can obtain chapter summaries and / or a study guide relating to "The Devil's Highway."Our state reading standards are based around non-fiction reading. "The Devil's...

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TheDevil's Highway is based on the true story of Mexican migration to the United States. Enotes has an existing study guide and the introduction will assist you in understanding the courage and desperation of the men who tried to cross the border to a better life.

After entering the desert of Arizona, they endured the deadliest region in North America, the Devil’s Highway.

From the study guide you can navigate to characters, themes and so on. The themes section will help you understand the contents of the chapters without an individual chapter summary.

Betrayal, evil, desolation and even politics are discussed and relate to the chapters at the beginning in “Rules of the Game” where the author

describes five men stumbling out of the mountain pass...

The betrayal suffered by all the men who were let down by their own country, the United States and the guides who were supposed to lead them to safety is poignant and key right to the end.

The reality of this event, which shocked the world in 2001 is made all the more human through Urrea's dealing with real issues. Despite a seemingly tragic story of these men's journey, he attaches political consequences. Someone has to understand that desperate people will sometimes do unconsciounable things despite the risk to themselves and to others and someone has to be answerable.


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