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Word meaning confusion "sleep when he wakes and creep into the Jaundice by being...

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Word meaning confusion "sleep when he wakes and creep into the Jaundice by being peevish"

I want this word confusion be sorted out through some constructive discussion.  I take the meanings of the words in the above lines as follows but am I logical?

1.Sleep= Inactivity 2. Wake= Sequel [ see Roget's para 65] and Sequel=continue. 3.Jaundice= depression [Roget's para 837] 4. peevish=marked by ill temper.

If we take the meanings in this way the lines 85-86[Gratiano dialogue] can be explained in a logical way i.e. " IF ONE CONTNUES TO BE INACTIVE WOULD GRADUALLY SLIP INTO DEPRESSION".

Here the ships of Antonio bringing in the precious cargo which he had acquired investing almost everything that he has are delayed.  in this condition if he does not keep himself engaged in some activity his mind would be thinking about the pessimistic out comes and gradually he slips into depression.  Gratiano advises him not to keep himself idle.  The meanings in circulation that sleeping for longer hours causes a liver disorder leading to a disease as Jaundice does not make any sense to me logically. can any of you be of some help to me?


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I think the line centers on the fact that Gratioano is telling Antonio that he should not be asleep when he is awake, that he should at least do something, and also it concerns peevish which I think is a crabby attitude. Something about getting ulcers from being in a bad disposition.

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In response to the observations made at No.2.  Being asleep while staying awake may serve as an expression to tell somebody that he/she is careless. here the meaning of the word wakes [WAKES] under discussion.  it is conceded as appropriate that peevishness amounts to an irritable nature which is natural among the people who are under the grips of depression.  I need some better advise than this to be releived of this confusion and hope you all would help me.

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